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 The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.This blog is a personal blog about the Big Beautiful Thing owner’s art practice. Unless noted, all posts are written and edited by me. I share my drawings along the way because *process* is important.

All Big Beautiful Thing posts share artwork made by the site owner and were made possible in response to reading, watching, making by other people that I have personally engaged, that are a reflection of my life experiences, and which are informed by my own reality. Any work shared on Big Beautiful Thing created/owned by other artists, the rarity as it’s not the purpose of this blog, I will cite & source directly, after having gained written permission from the owner. I will otherwise indicate all material on my public posts as authored by another contributor, maker, owner, artist. 

Most importantly, please reflect on my posts with your own judgment, rather than what I have stated as fact. Kindness and care will only be tolerated here-towards Big Beautiful Thing, customers, and all other viewers. All are welcome and Big Beautiful Thing appreciates your visit.